Food Rooms

Residents of the City of Knox and surrounding suburbs identifying themselves in crisis are able to access food from our well-stocked food rooms.

Budgeting Advice

Assistance with budgeting planning and financial advice by a CPA is available on Mondays. Appointment only. Please phone the Care Office for details and appointment times. Please also allow 1hr for the initial consultation.

CON/PBS Prescriptions

Ask us how we can help you with no/low cost CON/PBS Prescriptions. (Government Surcharges apply on some medications)

Chaplaincy Support

Our chaplain offers on ground support for distressed individuals and families that approach the centre.

(Available Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


We also offer a free referral service to other community organisations within and neighbouring Knox, who can assist clients with other needs that may arise.


Restore Community Care is predominantly run by volunteers from the local community. We offer training and support for all volunteers, working in partnership with other local organisations. Applications to volunteer are welcome.

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