Welcome to Restore Community Care

main_background3We are a not-for-profit organisation that assists the under-privileged, disadvantaged, unemployed, aged, lonely, marginalized, newer Australians; in fact all those experiencing crises in the City of Knox.

We offer a wide range of services and a referral service where necessary to best assist our clients.
Our focus is on restoring the lives of people and walking along side them through their hardships, helping in practical ways and giving them a hand up to see them regain their confidence to again become actively involved confident community members.

People from all backgrounds are welcome and all information shared remains confidential. In some cases, some information may need to be revelled through referral to best provide for an individual’s need or care: this is always done with the client’s permission.

Our vision is

To offer support to those in the community who are experiencing financial, emotional, material, personal or relational distress, trauma, grief, isolation or hardship due to health, unemployment or other unforseen circumstances.

To encourage, empower, equip and support people in their personal or family lives and to assist with other community organisations to deliver services that enhances people’s lives by connecting them more greatly with the wider community.

To assist people in developing and maintaining healthy relationships.